The Benefits of Great Music Mixing

It is such a gratifying experience when you have your music blasting out from the speakers at your show and your audience is moving along with your performance. You’ve brought you’re A-game, you’re on the mic, and the crowd is feeling the vibe. Afterwards, fans greet you, other artists want to collaborate, and the venue was pleased with the outcome. What no one knows is what it took to get there. This includes finding the music, writing the lyrics, recording, mixing and mastering. However, a lot of up-and-coming artists don’t really understand that having your music well produced makes all the difference in the world (literally). Consequently, too many songs posted on Soundcloud, Facebook, or YouTube have bad-sounding audio everyday. And because of that, I want you to think about how mixing has an affect on your music, your impression, and your overall success in the music business.

Balance and Clarity

The first and immediate benefit to accepting quality audio mixing is having balance and clarity in your sound. What exactly does this mean? Your mix should have balance in 4 domains: frequency, stereo-image, depth, and level. You want to have a mix that sounds good at low and high volumes. When you have a mix that sounds great at different levels, you have balance and you don’t lose perspective, either on large venue speakers or in your headphones. Your listeners should also be able to hear every word and instrument through out the entire song. There is definitely quite a bit to do here in order to achieve a great mix, especially if the source of the recording wasn’t a great as it could have been. If the source of the recording was subpar, then the mixer has a lot more work to do. For an artist that is not trained to mix, there is no chance to accomplish a great mix, which is why these are considerable reasons you need to have an engineer onboard.


This is music and this is a business. Let remind you of who has the potential to listen to your music and making an impact on your career: record label execs, A&R, entertainment attorneys, bloggers, newspaper/magazine writers, producers (film, TV, video games, theater), DJs, radio hosts, music publishers, fellow artists, and most important, your audience (and potential fans). I can keep going, but I think you get the point! With the advent of technology and the Internet, you are now competing on a global scale. You need to present yourself in a professional manner and prove that your music is worth the listen. The competition to just getting your music heard is fierce. You should put your best foot forward with a great sounding mix.

Expanding Your Reach

People talk and they talk about music. A lot! Word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Think about it, if someone recommends a doctor, a plumber, or a mechanic, you’ll most likely, at the very least, check them out. When you have a movement and people start catching on, you’ll not only start to have a fan base, but what author Seth Godin calls a “tribe”. Tribes not only follow you, they believe in you, they are dedicated, and will spread the word. Think of Apple, Disney, Google, and Nike. They have tribes of people that live and breathe those brands. Part of creating a tribe is having good music, captivating lyrics, your professionalism and having great production behind it. It’s a package deal. And having quality mixing and mastering wraps it up with a nice bow and their name on it. You better believe that people will have something to say!

Maximizing Sales

Lastly comes the ability to live off of your art. You’ve performed, you had free singles and mix tapes for people to download, you’ve collaborated with different artists, your website and social media is on point, and your constantly networking. Now comes the time to make money. At some point, if this is your career path, you need to make dollars for this to make sense. And let me assure you, no one wants to pay $10 or $5 for a mix tape that sounds bad. I don’t care if it’s free. It’s a major bust when the vocals aren’t clear, the bass is overpowering, or the whole CD is so low that you have to crank up the volume, more than half way, only to hear the bad quality even louder. Again, it comes down to the mix. You aren’t releasing a minimum viable product, you’re releasing the best you’ve got. And making everything sound right is an art and a science that takes years to establish. But when you do find that engineer that makes your music sound right, your audience will have the assurance that you are an artist that always releases great sounding music and they will pull out their wallets and hand you money. And that is an awesome benefit from having quality music mixing!

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