Is Contacting You Difficult?

In working with underground hip hop artists, I find that many of them are at different stages in their careers. Some are starting out, others have been in the game for a minute, and others are able to make a living out of it. Whatever the case may be, there are some basics that artists need to understand in order to avoid going unnoticed in this noisy world.


For example, when searching for new music, I usually go to blogs or music sites such as YouTube and Bandcamp. But then sometimes I hit a major roadblock. When I search for contact information such as an email or a phone number, I can't find it. I'll check their Twitter, Facebook, and DatPiff, but nothing is there. Why is that? How do I reach them? These lost opportunities, due to poor planning, can prove to be costly and detrimental to their career.

Yesterday, Ari from "Ari's Take" wrote something similar, which you can read HERE

Where Is Your Destination?

So what is the solution? Get a website and make it your destination. All of your social media accounts should redirect us back to a working website. On your website you should have a working email and phone number. Nowadays, getting a website is not rocket science. You can easily build sites using WordPress, Wix, or my favorite, SquareSpace. 


Working in music is fun and can be very rewarding. But keep in mind this is still a business… the music business. Making music is only a part of the grind and you have to ensure other aspects of your business are accounted for. If you currently don't have a website, you won't survive for long if you don't have a web presence. Don't wait to find a web designer to get started. You can begin now and make incremental changes such as adding tour dates, music releases, videos, pictures and buy links. It's really easy to build a site and there's no excuse not to have one.... Go claim your domain and build it!

In this "do it yourself" environment, some artists may be doing more harm than good by preventing others from helping them. They may be doing this without knowing it. Are you one of them? In the next post, I'll dive deeper into the matter by sharing one of my own stories and explore whether this might be something you need to think about.


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