The 1st step in getting your project started begins with recording the audio. By the time you are ready to book studio time, you should be prepared to give your best performance, whether recording vocals or instruments. Once we have successfully recorded the audio, the next step in the process is Mixing and Editing the tracks.


The 2nd step of the engineering process is to mix and edit the recorded audio. This is done by combining all of the tracks, find balance, manipulate and enhance different elements of the song. This may include removing, rearranging, compressing, or equalizing sounds in each track. After achieving a good mix, then we proceed to the last step, which is Mastering


The 3rd step to finalize the song is done by mastering the mixed audio. This step requires critical listening and applying specific tools to enhance the overall song to an industry standard commercial format. The mastered version will be the source from which all copies will be made


Record, Mix, & Master:

$120 per song

Mix & Master: 

$100 per song

Mix Only: 

$80 per song

Master Only: 

$40 per song

Record Only: 

$30 an hour